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Myrtle Beach, SC Self Storage Off of Dick Pond Road

No matter what you love about Myrtle Beach, from the weather, to the food, to the world-class beaches, it’s certainly one of America’s great cities.

To enjoy this city and everything it has to offer, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of Myrtle Beach’s excellent self storage options: perfect for storing recreational items, seasonal decor and antiques, heirlooms and more. Located at 3957 Dick Pond Road, SpareBox Storage offers Myrtle Beach storage that can store everything from a few boxes up to an entire family room.

SpareBox Storage is your best choice for self-storage in Myrtle Beach, SC. You can reach SpareBox Storage at 843-897-3640 to see what we offer to help you with your storage.

Take Advantage of Our Convenient Location

Located on Dick Pond Road near Sound Systems musical instruments store and not far from Moran’s Irish Pub, SpareBox Storage is in a great location, making it easy for you to access your storage units in Myrtle Beach.

At our Myrtle Beach self-storage units, you can store almost anything. House feeling too cluttered? No problem, we can help. Office overflowing? We can store both business and residential items.

Packing Tips

We get it, packing and moving can be stressful! Need a few tips? Here are a few ideas to make sure you package and box your items the best way possible.

But before we get started, our 3957 Dick Pond Rd location offers both 5’x10’ storage units as well as 10’x10 units’, allowing you to store any extras you may have around the house.

First, be sure to label everything. Don’t assume you’ll remember where things are, just label your boxes from the start. Use labels that will not crack or fade, and write in large letters so you can find what you need when you need it.

Second, be sure to box your items correctly. If you have fragile, valuable, or breakable items, be sure to label them as such so the boxes are treated differently. If you’re storing old sheets or blankets, use these as extra cushioning around your most important items.

Last, but not least, stack wisely. Leave your heaviest items on the bottom, and don’t stack too high. Always leave a path through your items so you can access your items whenever you need without having to climb around or over anything.

Safety, Security and Accessibility — All Under One Roof

Come see why SpareBox Storage's customers leave us so many great reviews — visit us at 3957 Dick Pond Road in Myrtle Beach, SC, or call 843-897-3640 to get started with your self-storage in Myrtle Beach. Some of these units are a rare find—rent today!