Smart Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations


With Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa coming to a close, the first thing to prioritize in the new year is getting those holiday decorations stored away. To ensure your decorations stay in prime condition until the next holiday season, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to make the packing process simple and easy.

Garlands: Storing faux garlands with little care can cause them to get crushed, tangled and stripped of their fibers. To keep them in great condition for years to come, coil them gently and neatly, wrap them in plastic or a sealed bag to prevent dust and dirt build-up, and store them in a box or container.

Ornaments: Opening your ornament box to find they’ve all been smashed is a holiday headache that can easily be avoided. There are a variety of creative ways you can store even the most delicate ornaments without having to buy anything. Repurposed egg cartons make for a great way to keep your ornaments organized. For more fragile ornaments, make sure you utilize bubble wrap and store them in small containers.

Wreaths: Wreaths can easily be crushed if they’re stored improperly. To avoid any heartache next holiday season, we recommend not storing your wreath in a bin or box, but on a hanger in your closet.

Candles: Hanukkah and Kwanzaa candles are meant to last for years if stored properly. We recommend storing them in paper towel rolls that have been stuffed with tissue, or wrapping them in toilet paper. Since candles can easily be warped by heat, we recommend keeping them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Artificial Tree: Most artificial Christmas trees come with a box intended to keep them preserved throughout the year. While this is certainly a reliable way to keep your trees stored away, it takes up a decent amount of space. To make more room in your storage unit and prevent dust from building up, we suggest shrink-wrapping your tree with a roll of cheap cling wrap.

String Lights: Festive lighting is one of the best ways to illustrate the magic surrounding the holiday season. While they look great wrapped around staircases and strung around the tree, they can be a nuisance to take down and organize. No one wants to deal with the headache of untying knots and replacing broken bulbs the next holiday season. To avoid this mess, we recommend using a small cardboard rectangle with one-inch notches cut on the long sides to wrap the lights around. Wrapping them around coat hangers is also a hassle-free solution. Store them vertically in a small box for easy access.

Wrapping Supplies: Instead of leaning your wrapping paper against the wall in storage, place them in a garment bag or a laundry hamper. This will keep them in tip-top shape and prevent any wear and tear. Keep your wrapping accessories like bows, ribbons, tape, gift tags and other similar items in small boxes near the wrapping paper so they can easily be located.

Seasonal Linen: Before storing your winter linens, make sure to dry clean and rid them of oil or food stains. Skipping this step could attract beetles, moths, and other critters that will destroy your linens. Once you have taken care of that, neatly fold them and use a bin or vacuum-sealed bags to prevent dust build-up.

We hope this guide has been useful, and we highly recommend utilizing a self-storage unit for all your seasonal décor. Check out a SpareBox Storage location near you to stay organized and start the year off strong!