How Self Storage Can Benefit Small Businesses


Running a small business is no easy feat. Whether you are renting a space for your business, or you have a home office, utilizing self-storage can be extremely helpful and cost effective. Self-storage makes it easy to get your business documents and inventory organized and maximizes the space you are able to work with.

There are a variety of businesses that can benefit from self-storage:

Landscaping – Heavy equipment and tools like lawn mowers, trimmers, leftover bricks, and any other supplies can all be stored.

Construction – Similar to landscapers, construction contractors have a wide range of tools that need a place to call home. Instead of creating more clutter in your home or office space, self-storage offers plenty of room to store tools and equipment.

Catering – Caterers can make great use of self-storage for things like cooking supplies and decorations that are needed for specific jobs.

Photography – Photographers use a lot of equipment throughout their day-to-day operations like tripods, lenses, lighting kits, filters, etc. and it doesn’t make much sense to cart all that equipment around from job to job. Instead, consider storing the equipment in a unit you have access to throughout the day.

E-commerce – Many e-commerce business owners sell inventory on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and similar platforms. Utilizing self-storage can be helpful if you need to expand your inventory, and getting a climate-controlled unit will ensure that your things will be safe from extreme temperatures that can cause damage.

Home Staging – To make the most of a successful home staging business, entrepreneurs can make use of self-storage to store whatever furniture and décor that is required to spruce up a seller’s house and get it sold.

If you’re running a newer operation, overhead costs can make or break your business. Self-storage can mitigate the need to invest more money into physical real estate and allow for funds to be spent elsewhere. On another note, studies show that the environment you work in makes a big impact on your mental health. Being surrounded by clutter accompanied by minimal space to work with is detrimental to your well-being and does not promote productivity. By utilizing self-storage for your new business, this will help you manage things more easily and will also help create a separation between your workplace and your home.

By the same token, self-storage can help experienced professionals who have led a successful business operation for years. With success comes expansion, and the last thing you want is a tight squeeze around the office with new hires or new equipment. Instead of resorting to breaking a lease for a bigger office space and having to pay a penalty for doing so, we recommend looking into renting a self-storage unit. Sizes range from a small 5’ x 5’ unit, to bigger sizes like 10’ x 30’, and even a warehouse sized unit for those needing a hefty amount of space. Another great perk about using self-storage is that most facilities will offer a month-to-month rental option, so you don’t have to worry about committing to a long-term contract.

We hope that this blog has given you some insight into whether using self-storage for your small business is feasible and practical. With self-storage locations around the country, and plenty of unit sizes and types perfect for storing whatever you need, you can count on SpareBox Storage as your self-storage provider. Give us a call at 833-777-7273 or check out our website to see locations near you.