Benefits of Contactless Self Storage


Contactless technology is making a big impact within the self-storage industry, and for good reason. From streamlined operating processes, to reducing unnecessary touchpoints, to making a facility “smarter,” there are plenty of benefits to the contactless self-storage model.

Consumer convenience means everything in terms of the buyer journey. Having a web presence that allows customers to view unit options and rent on-the-go, 24/7, is exceedingly important. By combining a virtual unit renting process with professional, reliable customer service and the ability to collect payments virtually, self-storage companies are starting to create more favorable renting experiences for everyone involved.

One of the more popular tools that provides a virtual renting experience is the kiosk. Self-storage kiosks are truly valuable for both the self-storage facility and the tenant – they offer all the attributes and capabilities of an in-office manager, plus more convenience, a more streamlined lease-up process, and a significant decrease in risk for both tenants and employees.

In regard to risk, there is one facet of the customer experience that is greatly improved by a contactless model: cleanliness. By providing the option to carry out every step of the customer buying journey over the web, or with a single touchpoint at our self-storage kiosks, we have effectively reduced the number of contact points between people which mitigates the spread of germs.

Another advantage to the use of contactless technology is that it allows for faster and easier payments for both the customer and the self-storage company. Not only is it faster and easier to make these payments, but the built-in security measures behind contactless technology ensure more security.

SpareBox Storage is proud to be a part of the contactless kiosk model that is revolutionizing the standards set within the self-storage industry. Gone are the days where you need to schedule an appointment to meet with a facility member. We do value personal touchpoints, and with our professional customer service team is ready to assist our tenants seven days a week, you’ll find that you are taken care of from lease up to move-out. Check out our locations near you to start renting with us today.